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Alexander's Wand Shop

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Handmade Wood And Pewter Wands By Alexander The Sorcerers Apprentice Of Laguna Beach, Ca. Exotic Woods And Designs Just For Magic Folk. Walnut/Elder/Ash/Mahogany/Cherry/Oak/Pecan/Willow/Ebony/Zebra Wood/Maple With Custom Ends And Crystals Comes With Custom Stand, Flick And Swish You Can Order Custom Wands In Any Wood, Color And Ends We Have Wide Selection Of Ends Claws,Balls ,Dragons,Unicorns.Crystal Ends Come In Every Color Turquoise, Malachite, Moonstone,(Etc)  You Name It  I Will Make It , Remember The Wand Picks You. Call Us  @800-875 6366  Or E-Mail Me Drneon@Drneon.Tv And I Will Help You Realize Your Dreams


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